Seasonal Evolution.

So we all know how I'm loving my not-so-new-anymore console. It's proven to be an excellent investment (or lack thereof, thanks to Ikea) and it's been the center of my attention ever since it entered my apartment. Now, I know I'm a complete amateur, but I have to say I'm proud of how I've managed to keep it seasonally updated over the last year. Look at how far it's come!

Please, excuse my sorry-excuse-for-photography skills :)

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Here's how it looks today with the help of a quick Pottery Barn pot purchase for mama Freck's hand-me-down plant. My first one! Wish me luck at keeping it alive. I can unbelievably kill hydrangea's within hours.

Remember my favorite candle?

Plant closeup. Any tips?

All small changes, but I still dig 'em. Thanks for listening!

Happy decorating :)

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Tommy said...

This looks great! I like seeing things that you've blogged about before in their natural setting.

And as for natural, I don't have the greenest thumb, but maybe just spritz your new plant with water every few days--maybe more if the dirt feels dry to the touch. Indoor heating could definitely dry one out in a hurry. I would also put it directly in front of a window for a few hours a day (but not indefinitely, since it would be way colder by a window this time of year).