She Works Hard for the Money

This is a new subject on the ol' blog. Money. Let's talk money and budgeting.

I graduated from college almost two years ago and ever since I, like most people, have had the anxiety of what would happen if I lost my job and didn't have a source of income. Finally, as of recent, I feel comfortable with my financial situation. I'm also very blessed to say I graduated with no debt. (Thank you again mom and dad.) No, I didn't win the lottery, and no, I didn't get a raise. I simply have added up some decent savings that would last me a couple of months just in case something happened.

I found an awesome budget chart via DailyWorth that I happily noticed I loosely follow...

Using this type of breakdown has helped me build a decent savings slowly over time (remember, I said two years) without having to sacrifice my social life and love for shopping and traveling.

Don't know how much you're spending each month? Try Mint.com!

By the way, I totally recommend bookmarking DailyWorth for a great, quick and informative read on a rainy day. After reading DW, I always feel inspired to shift some more money into savings. Just sayin'. :)

Do you have a strict budget you follow? Do you have loose guidelines like I do? Tell me! :)


Tommy said...

I love this. Did you see my post on LearnVest.com? It looks quite similar to DailyWorth, which I am now checking out. Thanks!

AtlYankeeBelle said...

wow! thx for the tips. I just started a new blog all about budget, maybe youd be willing to do a guest post.

shoot me an email


Grace said...

This is a great post, Freck. I am now a Daily Worth follower, thanks to you! :) It really is a challenge to set a budget and stick to it (especially when it's a shared budget with your SO), but it is very important! Thanks for that reminder!

Anonymous said...

I really like Mint...it makes keeping track of things SO easy. And it's hard to not see how much you're spending eating out/shopping/traveling when that big chunk of the chart is glaring at you. Something you just need to see the figures on paper, er on the screen in order to realize your financial pitfalls and then wrangle things back in.

I'm off to see if my breakdown matches up with the spending plan pie chart...