Latest {Refreshing} Obsession.

Cucumber water.

I swear I've consumed a gallon more water daily than normal because this is so yummy. I've also recently come down with quite the nasty cold, so this water has been even more amazingly refreshing to sip on.

Simply slice some cucumber and place in pitcher of water.

Done! Yum!


Lindsay said...
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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I love cucumber water! It's so refreshing and just makes me feel like I'm being so much healthier. I usually have a pitcher of it in my fridge.

C said...

I would have never thought of that...
gotta try it!
Good morning there sweetie!

Princess Freckles said...

I love cucumber water too! It's the best mild flavor.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Grace said...

Cucumber is now on my grocery list! :)