Adele - 21

What's this?! She's not posting about wedding-related items?!

I know...check it out ya'll.

Have you heard Adele's new album,

I love it, listen here, or check it out on itunes. I'm a big fan of Rumor Has It and Someone Like You. Real big fan, she rocks. You won't be sorry you checked it out.

Did you know she was discovered on MySpace and that she was classmates with Leona Lewis?

Enjoy! I'm off to buy the album :)


Janneke said...

Wahhh I know!!! I have loved her for a while now and am glad she finally reached the US!!!

Grace said...

In love with her album. Someone Like You is my fave, followed closely by Rolling in the Deep and Rumor Has It. She's amazing!!

Tommy said...

I only have ONE song from her first album, and it's been on repeat. I hear what you're saying--it's time to get on board.