And We Have A Date!

I won't share the exact date to have some sort of element of surprise for my friends who follow and will be attending the wedding, but I will share that it's in the summer of 2012 :)

I can't help but scream it from the rooftop my blog how excited I am. I was internally going nuts (even though we're way ahead of schedule) because I wanted to nail down a date so badly!

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Now when's too soon to look for a dress? :)


Elena said...

Congrats on picking your date! I know it definitely feels more real once that's in place. :)s

Fashion Therapist said...

Congrats on setting a date!!!! Sounds like your having a blast planning.

C said...

and its never too soon!
What are you doing reading this? Go shopping!!!! LOL!

Danielle said...


Shaina said...

Yayyyy so exciting! Sorry ... I am WAY behind on comment-leaving. I am going through what appears to be 800 months worth of starred posts!

Anyway, I am so excited for you. And go dress shopping now! It's definitely the most fun part of the process, along with honeymoon planning!