All You Need Is Love.

Have a Happy Valentine's day weekend everyone :)

We're not huge Valentine's day celebrators, but with this being our first together since we got engaged, we kind of celebrated more than we even meant to? If that makes sense? Let me explain!

Last Thursday evening, TBF surprised me with this beautiful necklace from Jess LC.

Friday morning I surprised him with a knife skills class at The Chopping Block which was amazing!!

Lastly, tomorrow we're going to one of our favorite restaurants on the North side. I'm drooling already!

What are you up to? Single, taken, who cares?


Shaina said...

What great VDay gifts!!! We really don't do anything for Valentine's Day, so we are actually babysitting for friends of ours' 10 month old so that they can go out to dinner. <3

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I love getting gift out out of the blue. My love and I are going to go to dinner and enjoy our evening together.

Grace said...

Love that necklace. And have a wonderful dinner tonight, lovebirds! xoxo

C said...

hayy Valentine's day to you too!
Sending you lots of hugs from accross the ocean!

PS: word verification: MUFFIN!!!!!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love Chopping Block classes they're so much fun! We don't celebrate, but my hubby was kind enough to get me a teddy bear wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt. He just knows how I like to celebrate. :)