Freck's Friday Fancies LXXXV

Shoes. Let's chat about 'em.

I know we talked about BHLDN already, but let's talk about their shoes, because, well, they really do deserve a post of their own. How the heck do you decide on your wedding day shoes!? I know, I'm not sure either.

Check out what I'm talking about (and this week's Fancies).

Wives, please share how you found your perfect wedding shoes. Kudos to you for making a decision!! :)


Grace said...

I have the most un-remarkable wedding-shoe-finding story ever. I didn't have a huge budget to blow on the Manolos that I wanted oh-so-badly. I wanted a heel that wasn't too high, closed toe cause it rains so often in IRL, and comfort. And I found them at DSW of all places. I had them dyed and they were fine. I wouldnt pick them again but it was 5 years ago and styles change. No one saw them anyways!

AEOT said...

I have a pair of 7.5 or 8 white satin Kate Spade's that I will never wear again but are absolutely gorgeous. Let me know if you want them for your something borrowed! I wore them for the wedding and then changed into monogrammed Stephen Bonanno sandals for the reception (my mom told me I had to wear "real" shoes for the wedding!)

TF said...

Personally I'm rooting for these, http://www.sperrytopsider.com/store/SiteController/sperry/productdetails?catId=cat90048DM&productId=7-135840&skuId=***7********9541756*M065&stockNumber=9541756&showDefaultOption=true

: )

C said...

Oh MY!
I want the first pair so badly!
its gorgeous!!!!