Again, Genius.

Thisissofreakingcool. Have you heard of Gift Registry 360?

Okay, let me back it up for a sec. I read in The Knot magazine that it's best to have some sort of registry going by the time a couple has their engagement party. Say what?! I know.

I thought the same thing.
Now enter GiftRegistry360.com that allows couples to condense their registry into one list. Also, users can include gift items from sites that don't have regisries by simply uploading a photo of the item and linking to it. Take that Anthropologie and West Elm!

Check out this
sample registry for a better idea of this awesomeness that TF and I will be taking advantage of.

Not only does this make the registry process easier for the bride and groom, but also for all the guests who will be perusing.

I'm kind of pumped about this, can you tell? Do you know anyone who has used this? Did it work out well?

Happy Monday :)

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Grace said...

Flippin' genius! Now why didn't I think of that?!?!