500 Days of Summer

I totally forgot to mention that TBF, one of TR’s and I went and saw 500 Days of Summer on Saturday night and it was AMAZING!

Warning, don’t read on if you haven’t seen it and want to…I may spoil it for you a teeny bit..

I can’t get over how well they recreated the process and feelings that go into a break up.

I love Zoey Deschanel so much, and she played her character so well that I hated her at one point in the movie. Can I mention her adorable style though? She wears clothes that are a total throwback, but wears each outfit in a modern way so that she can get away with it. As some of you know, she's an amazing singer and is in a band called She & Him. TBF and I went to the concert last summer and she was absolutely charming.

…and how about that ADORABLE dance routine that Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed? Sooo cute!

Ahh…I’m totally buying this movie as soon as it goes to DVD…

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