Freck's Friday Fancies IX

Did anyone else feel this was a never-ending week? Phew, Friday is here..and so are my fancies :)

Jennifer Aniston's outfit -

This adorable ring.

This fantastic wall

Twitter fashion

10 ways to be a great host in a tiny apartment.

Normally I wouldn't do a brown dress...but I kind of love this..

I know I've been trying to save some money (dumb moving expenses!) so I found this article to be helpful! 11 things not worth the money.

...it's also good to know 10 things that are worth the money...

Alright, time to get some work down and plan out my evening. I have a wedding in Ohio this weekend, the last of the summer weddings!


I don't want to create an entire new post, so I'm going to just add it in down here: I work in the loop in downtown Chicago, and my boss came upstairs and said she thought she saw Hayden Pannetierre downstairs in Qdoba which would slightly make sense because of our location.
What do I do? I grab my BB and run down there of course. No, I don't even like Hayden, but TBF used to have a "thing" for her so I thought it'd be hilarious if I snapped a pic.
Well, was it Hayden? No, and I realized this after the look-a-like and I made eye contact. She didn't have the slut vibe nor were the girls cheeks chubby enough.
After I chuckled to myself, I ran back upstairs and gave my boss crap.
It's a good day.


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Have fun at the final wedding of your summer this weekend! And I love JA's outfit. So simple & chic!

Nani said...

Love the articles and the wall just gave me an idea :)

Jenn said...

i loved her outfit too!!

Mrs. Ruby said...

I'm so sad I missed you last weekend! I LOVE ME SOME CHI! :)

Katie said...

love the hayden pannetierre update. that sounds like something i would do

The Northerner said...

I love those lists!