Freck's Friday Fancies VIII

Here we are, another Friday which means Freck's Friday Fancies!

I saved the best for last today, so make sure you make it to the bottom..

The best generic beauty products...

I'm loooving So You Think You Can Dance.

Katie Holmes dancing on it last night? Notsomuch.

cute apartment..

Is anyone else obsessed with
this song yet??

Last but not least...


Have a great weekend!!


Lindsay said...

I saw the wedding dance on A Cup of Jo...so cute!

Jenn said...

LOVING so you think you can dance - katie holmes was extremely underwhelming. like soooo underwhelming. no big deal at all.

i love the song "i gotta feeling". black eyed peas are awesome.

and that wedding entrance video to forever is awesome. my husband made the dj play that song 2 times at our reception because him and his friends like it so much. he was really mad he didnt think of walking down the aisle like that. ever since ashton kutcher tweeted that video - its EVERYWHERE. those people probably had no idea they'd be so famous!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That apt. is fab. I want those Ikea dining room chairs. And that video of those wedding folk is too much! I don't think I could do that, but it's pretty hilarious.

CTB said...

I LOVE SYTYCD. If you get the chance to see the tour, it is so worth it! It is so much fun and phenomenal to see them in person. Very entertaining.