Another Smorgasbord Post...

I know I've been MIA. Let me explain...

After a nice, long holiday weekend, my mind was officially asleep at the start of the week and I was having issues getting back into work-mode. I’ve had to think twice about the simplest things…coffee is my BFF lately.

Holiday recap: TBF and I left Chicago after work Thursday and ran into some serious traffic downtown but then coasted on home to central Illinois from there. We made a pitstop in Champaign to make an exchange (no not drugs, but a makeup bag and contacts) with my sister-in-law. It was only a pitstop because it was her and my broski’s 4 year wedding anniversary. Her car had some gorgeous flowers in them…we Freck's have nice taste..

Anyway, we spent majority of the weekend on Papa Freck’s boat and then out on “the square” in my hometown with fam and friends to have a good time and say hello to some old friends. Even though it was overcast most of the weekend, it was still a great getaway and break from the fast paced city.
It’s back to reality now though: early mornings, corporate 9-5 days and shoving in a workout here and there.

I’m getting really excited about moving in a couple weeks!! Correction: I’m dreading the actual move, but getting really excited about settling into a new place and decorating it. As some of you are aware, I have a lot of paintings to hang and decorate with so I’m hoping to find a creative and clean way to display them all. I still think this type of collage is the best idea:

The first picture displays a good strategy where they taped the same size paper as the pictures to show how it will look on the wall. Another strategy is to lay all the pictures on the floor before you hang them!

I like the idea of mixing letters and pictures into the mix…thoughts? I don't want it to look super duper busy. I want it to still look clean.. I still need to refurbish TBF’s dresser, where has time gone?!

My sunburn is slowly healing.

Does anyone love this? I want to “get stranded”..


You know what I also love? Recently I had din din and drinks with H, and she told me about her favorite dry shampoo from Sephora. Meet my (and your) new love:

Yes, I know it's a bit pricey, but I LOVE IT! Sephora, $21 for the bigger can

I used to use baby powder all the time, but it's difficult to get the white out of my blonde hair. I can't imagine how the brunettes do it! This stuff has gotten me through two days without washing my hair (sorry, tmi for those of you who shower every day, like one of TR's, but for people with weak hair like me, I can't wash it every day if I want it to be strong!!) I definitely recommend it or the powder version which is $19. Thanks, H!

That's all for me this evening...

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!!!


Little Pink Magnolia said...

I've been wondering about dry shampoo. I'm also guilty of the every other day shower (Or every 3-4 days hair wash.. I have a ton of hair). I'll have to look at this next time I'm at sephora.

AEO said...

I love Oscar Blandi. It works so much better than baby powder! It takes awhile to use it all up, so the price (to me) isn't an issue.

I also like the idea of incorporating a large letter or a large mirror into your wall of photos. It'll break it up a bit. I've always layed mine out on the floor- less hassle than taping them to a wall. PB catalougs always have great visuals for this kind of thing if you are looking for more inspiration!

Have a great day today- it's almost the weekend :) Any Chi-town plans?

CTB said...

I want to use that dry shampoo so badly, but I've heard horror stories from a couple other brunettes that it lightens their hair around the scalp. That would not look good on my dark hair, so I'm scared to try.

CTB said...

I think I'm just going to have to dye my hair blonde so I can enjoy this. haha Kelly Ripa uses Oscar Blandi too. She has PERFECT hair.

Jenn said...

i really want to try dry shampoo - but have dark hair and have heard horror stories. do they make this stuff for brunettes too?

Lindsay said...

I love picture walls! I also love the incorporation of letters.

Also, I've been recently dreaming up a trip to Chicago and I was wondering if you had any tips of places to stay, eat, visit, etc. and which places to avoid?