Freck's Friday Fancies VII

One item I very much fancy are beautiful mornings in Chicago. Today is one of them. This city is beautiful.

This FFF is mostly decor and furniture because I've been searching for some inspiration for my new place...


I'm looking for some green towels, nothing bright and crazy..more like a soft, calm green. I love Ralph Lauren towels, does anyone have any favorite towel brands?

Wine rack, attaches to wall, $9.99, Ikea

I'm thinking about putting these knobs on my refurbished, now black, dresser...

Anthropologie, $10 too princessy? I'm still thinking about it...opinions are welcome!

Conservatory chair, Anthropologie, $more than I can afford. This would look lovely in my closet, which I decided I want to pretty much be treated like a dressing room that I need a chair in...especially after seeing this chair..

Hello cute, massive rug that I also cannot afford. Do you have an inexpensive twin out there in the world? Anthropologie, $1,098

Now this I can do, Urban, $28

How presh is this knob?! Anthropologie, $10

That's all for now...

Have a lovely weekend!!!!


AEO said...

I've posted about those birdie knobs previously, and I swear I look at them at least once a week! I want to redo an old dresser and put those knobs on for a nursery or guest room. We just don't have an old dresser to currently refinish, so I don't know how many knobs to order! It's driving me crazy!

Also, I adore adore adore that chair. Yes, it's expensive, but it's GORGEOUS!! And it would look great in your closet/dressing room/luxurious lounging space. Start saving and hopefully it will go on sale around Christmas! I'll say a prayer or two that it works out somehow!!

Have a wonderful weekend- did you see how dark and stormy it just got? I'm going to be so mad if the weekend is yucky- hubby and I have so many outdoor plans!

Habbala said...

I freaking love those rugs. And the knobs. Get the knobs. Who ever heard of "too princessy"!!!!!

I see no glitter. I see no pink. LOL. You're safe.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I LOVE the Urban rug, great price! I'm also a huge fan of the Anthropologie hardware stuff - I just got some fab knobs for a dresser I repainted - so worth it!

CTB said...

You have great taste!

Jenn said...

ohhh i love the anthro chair. maybe you could recreate it yourself with a garage sale find for less?

Tommy said...

I'm new here and way behind, but I like the Friday Fancies! Great blog!