Freck's New Toy

A Blackberry Curve!

So far, I have NO idea how to use it. That’s okay though, tonight will be spent discovering new and fun things to with it. Courtesy of mama and papa Freck, I got the BB because I’ve been given a new project at work (that I’m pretty excited about) which requires me to be a bit more connected to the internets. They understand and are super supportive, mama Freck even encouraged I get one pronto! Twist my arm why don’t ya?

The rest of the post is kind of pointless and not as exciting as the BB..oh well :)

Uh..where did the weekend go? I moved the majority of the items I'd left out of my old apartment, so my new apartment looks as if I’ve lived there for months already. Clutter and boxes everywhere…I can’t sit down and relax because I don’t like staring at it. I will either purge most of the items, sell or find a spot somewhere to hide it all. Luckily I have decent storage.

TBF and I went to a comedy show around the corner from my place on Saturday. One of his good friends was performing and it was being taped so we wanted to support him. The Sklar brothers were headlining, but *cringe* I wasn’t super impressed…bummer because I was pretty excited about seeing them, too. We spent the rest of the night and early wee hours hanging out with the other comedians, their lovely gf’s and new friends at a local establishment. We had such a blast!

Sunday was spent recovering.



Jenn said...

2 words: brick breaker. most addicting game of all time. so simple, yet provides so much fun. let me know when you've tested it on the bb. :)

krystal said...

iiii just got one a few months ago and i'm in love. i can't even remember my old phones, nor do i want to :)

Milltini said...

I had the curve and loved it, but then I got on the iPhone train where I have falled completley in love. The Curve is pretty user friendly though and I'm sure you are going to love it!

CTB said...

Yay! Welcome to the Curve Club. haha That was lame. You will figure it out in no time. It is pretty much amazing though.

Shaina said...

Yay the Curve!!! I got mine a year ago, and I love it. I seriously don't know how I could live without it now...which is so, so sad. :)

Of course, now, I want an iPhone...I can only hope that Verizon starts selling them!