J. Crew and Perfect Summer Nights

Loved all your comments about the BB Curve, I'm so in love with it. I've already tried brick breaker and my commute to and from work is a blur because I'm so locked in and focused on my teeny piece of amazingness in my hand.

I had a really lovely evening last night. I went out with two of my favorite people, one of my girlfriends that I haven't seen in awhile and TBF. After worky, TBF and I grabbed sushi real fast, then he went on his marry way to a political event he likes to attend every other Tuesday and I met up with one of my girlfriends where we split a bottle of wine on a patio of one of my favorite places and caught up. It was so nice to just chat with her and enjoy some wine on a gorgeous evening in Chicago. After that we met up with TBF (his event was finished) at a beer garden down the street where they got to do a little catching up which was a lot of fun. Ohhh, I'm hurting a bit today from the consumption but man, it was a good time.

Who's loving J. Crew's new fall arrivals? I HATE how they TEASE us with these new items when it's STILL summer!! Why do they do that?! I want

but PEOPLE, it's STILL summer. Why? :( Why?!

Twitter redesigned their page. Are they advertising now? I've been told I should get a Freck twitter...I'm considering it...

Happy hump day!!


Milltini said...

Even though I'm loving the fall arrivals, I too do NOT want summer to pass us by.

Jenn said...

obsessed with j.crew's fall arrivals. i cannot wait.

and brick breaker could easily take over your life. be careful, and make sure not to get the "flip" thing. it really messes up your world ;)

Tommy said...

Gah. You're so right. Down here in TN, a wool blend is pretty much unfathomable until mid-December, as it is...much less seeing them in my mailbox in July. It's disheartening but oddly exhilarating at the same time.

Katie said...

Agreed, I'm just starting my summer why is the media telling me it's back to school time?