He Saw His Shadow

I'm going to go ahead and take Little Pink Magnolia's advice and ignore that dumb groundhog.

Let's look at fun Spring like items instead.

Shabby Apple, $86

Shabby Apple, $98

Shabby Apple, $93

Shabby Apple, $82
I need this.

Sadly I will not invest in these types of pieces for at least a month or two. Hopefully one or two will go on sale by then...

Yes, I know I've been posting about Spring apparel lately. I am starting to experience some winter blues, I neeeeed the sun and I want to retreat back into my apartment asap when I see the snow.

Help! How are you dealing with your winter blues??

Happy Hump Day!


emily said...

yes i couldnt agree more. i neeeed sun and warmth...counting down until florida! hope you have some sun on your calendar too!

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm ignoring that dumb groundhog too. :)

Katie said...

agreed, i'm getting sick of the cold.

Frugal Brunette said...

who cares about some animal's shadow! Spring can start with yourself and you've given me some great motivation to start looking for some spring items (wait..shouldn't I be frugal?)