O is for the Only One I see

This is the second of my "L.O.V.E" Valentine's Day posts. Last week was...

L is for the way you Look at me...

O is for the Only One I see..

Scooter with You, $15

Only You Ring, $140

Only You Notecard, $2

Only Secrets Here, $19.50

Puppy Love, $3.50

Two Peas in a Pod, $35

Stay tuned for V.E :)

Did the groundhog see his shadow today?! I heard he did, boo!

Happy Tuesday!


Fashion Therapist said...

I love that silhouette. I've been wanting them for our apartment for awhile. Maybe this is the year. :)

Katie said...

LOVE the peas in a pod necklace!

Living It At Home said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments!

This is a very cute post with adorable items!


Jenn said...

loving the two peas in a pod necklace - i'm obsessed. you show me too many pretty things that make me want to spend money - shame on you!!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

Ok the picture of the puppies is too cute! And yeah, I'm going to go ahead and ignore the groundhog. And the weatherman. I'm so ready for spring.