Weekend Recap + Black

Well hello everyone. Warning: this post is kind of sporadic and not so pleasant. I'm a grump.

It's Monday and I'm wearing all black to work today. Want to know why? Well I'll tell you why:

Audrey makes black look good.

-It's President's Day and I'm at work. The El was e.m.p.t.y this morning because not many people are going to work today, including TBF. He's a sleeping beauty right now, jealous.

-I can't seem to shake this cold and I didn't work out all weekend because of it. I've found that when I take a few days off of working out, even if I am sick, I end up feeling pretty low.

-I had a great time last night at dinner with TBF and going from that bliss to this icky Monday with an icky cold is da pits.

That's all. Rant over. I'll be okay :D!

Over the weekend I saw the horrific footage of the Olympian who passed and Extreme Home Makeover and if anything I should be counting my blessings and truly happy for each day. I hate to get all cheesy but really, we are all blessed.


So what did I do this weekend...I purged soooo many things from my closet including old papers from college, old books that I posted on Amazon (sold 2 already!), about 4 bags of clothes to donate and some more odds and ends.

This gal inspired me to exfoliate the unnecessary items in my apartment. Psst, check out her adorable jewelry, too!

I knew I did some damage when I was searching high and low for items to put in now empty, cute bins!

Dream closets...sigh..

Also! Remember how I wanted a desk? Well, I'll post about that later in the week...I did some improvising and I'm very happy with the (free) outcome. Maybe I'll post a picture or two ;)

Did anyone see the movie
Valentine's Day? I have an itch to see it but I'd love to hear some trusty reviews first!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Valentine's Day!


Gwen said...

I would love those closets. Heck...just give me the stuff inside the closets. :) Hope you have a good day. I'm at work too. YUCK!!! XOXO

Fashion Therapist said...

I saw Valentine's Day and well....it's what you expect it to be. A fluffy movie that's trying to be like Love Actually but doesn't come anywhere close.

Sorry you're at work, but hopefully the day goes by fast.

xo, Alexi said...

haha, you're right- random tangents in this post, but i enjoyed reading. i saw valentine's day yesterday, too. and i totally feel your pain about having to take the el to work today.. well sort of. i had to go to school downtown since that's where most of my classes are. the 147 was dead.

Jenn said...

i feel your pain - not only am i at work but i'm traveling today, too! blah. hope you feel better soon! :)

Frugal Brunette said...

I agree with FT, it's nothing surprising (except with a GASP at the end with 'McSteamy') but it was nevertheless cute (and for $5 worth it)

Morgan said...

ICK! Sorry you had to work! And totally want to see Valentines Day as well.. feels like it might be the Love Actually of 2010!

Tommy said...

Hang in there, Freck! At least black is very chic. :)

I want to see that movie, too, but it looks like rental material. I can't wait to see this free desk you speak of.

Blackeyed Susan said...

Hope you get to feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, go see it...it's cute.