My "new" desk + Why not? Some extra pics, too :)

First of all - it seems that the opinions on the florals are pretty half and half. Some hate it, some love it. I'm in the middle, if you can rock it, go for it, if you're me, I think I'll sit back and watch others rock it :)

Onto my "new" desk!

Remember when I wanted a desk badly and I was looking high and low for an inexpensive one? Well, I was cleaning out my closet and in the heat of the moment I started switching around my furniture. You know what I mean - when you just get in the cleaning mode.

Keep in mind that I have a studio so it's easy for me to switch things around and create a different look.

Anyway, and what did I find? I realized that if I switched my entryway table up a bit, it could be a mini desk!


I'm loving it so far, we'll see how long it lasts. It was super cheap, so I think I'll keep it like this for awhile *wink wink*

While going through my recently added pictures, I thought: Why not? I'll post a couple from Valentine's Day, too :)

The chocolate covered strawberries were a hit!

I was surprised with these babies (from TBF) when I was cleaning like a maniac on Saturday morning.

***Emo boy update***

I feel like this kid should get his own page on here. No, I won't give him the honor! ;)

Remember sleeping beauty? He was woken up by Emo boy's screaming (er, I mean singing) in his bathroom (which is right under ours).

Also, we were beating some chicken last night (something that takes less than a minute and is kind of loud) to tenderize it on the counter and what was his response? BLASTING his music. Talk about passive aggressive. Buttface.

Happy Hump Day!!


Jenn said...

yikes...apartment living. our new neighbors directly above us have taken to having the loudest sex ever. every. single. night. usually around 1am on the weekdays and 4am on the weekends. needless to say we sent them a fairly sarcastic note asking them to get a muzzle or a new bed. didn't work. so off to the management office i go tomorrow. :)

and LOVE the desk. what a cool wall decal, too!!

Katie said...

Love the desk! Sucks about your neighbor though.

I'm Lindsay! said...

Don't you love when that happens? Does emo boy live alone?

Tommy said...

Cool desk! That's a lil' baby computer. :)

I'm sorry that your neighbor is being such a tool. TBF lost a few winks. No good.

JTS said...

Love that desk. I wish I had one.

Lindsey said...

LOVE the desk, so cute!!

Frugal Brunette said...

send me some of those strawberries ANY time ;)

hooray for catholic schools haha

and btw, i did also give up school for lent, but sadly that had to be broken already ;) why don't you try and add something instead (ie exercise, more dates, etc) might make it all more fun!

Shaina said...

Love the new desk area! And SO annoying about the neighbor. Isn't apartment living fun? My upstairs neighbors were letting their dog pee on the balcony for awhile, which was especially fun when it dripped down all over my patio. Woo!

Little Pink Magnolia said...

I love your wall decal/desk set up - so cute. And the choc covered strawberries- look ohh so good. Your emo boy updates crack me up - definitely keep them coming!