Want s'more? How can I have some more if I haven't had any yet?

First, I love The Sandlot.

Second, I'm jonesin' for some delicious chocolate and yes it may be because Valentine's Day is this weekend..or it may be because I'm watching a Chocolate Challenge on Food Network. I always get sucked in to the Food Network and whatever is being made.

What's that? There's a wing Challenge? ...suddenly I'm craving some wings...

Sensing a pattern? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, how yummy do these look??

Oh hello mr. truffle

Smores are easy and DELISH, maybe I'll just make smores :)

or chocolate covered strawberries? a classic..

Do you have a favorite easy recipe? I'm a horrible baker but gosh darn it I want to make a yummy, easy dessert that includes chocolate!

One more day then TGIF!!


Gwen said...

There is this restaurant here in town that makes smores for desert. They melt chocolate & marshmallows in bakers paper then serve that envelope with fresh strawberries and sugar coated gram crackers. So delicious!!!

Tommy said...

Stop it. Stop it! I can't resist chocolate. Now I'm starving. Le sigh.

Katie said...


EmilyB said...

I'm officially hungry now!!! Those treats look DELICIOUS!!!