Spoiler Alert!!



I don't watch the Bachelor often.

In fact, I actually don't watch it. It's our secondary show tonight while we wait for Castle to come on and while we watch the Olympics.

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yes, that's right..


So I don't watch The Bachelor, but I do watch it enough to know that this gal sucks.

What is he thinking?! The producers HAVE to be forcing him to choose her.



EmilyB said...

Seriously!!!! How could he really choose her over Gia? If he even considers choosing her in the end....there will have to be an intervention! This season of the Bachelor has been super juuuuicy!

I'm Lindsay! said...

I have a bad feeling he is going to pick her..ughh!!

Frugal Brunette said...

I saw one episode, I think the first one and remember thinking "anyone BUT HER!"
I told my boyfriend who also saw this one episode with me (we had quite the laughs) and just described her as the annoying big nosed one.. he knew exactly who i meant. Terrible decision!