California Dreamin' (Psst! I Need Advice!)

Hello one and all (and especially my California-familiar ladies)

TBF's little sister is running a marathon in San Francisco this October.

Why hello amazing excuse to take a trip to the west coast. Am I right or amiright?

So I'm thinking we'll take a trip to San Francisco to visit her, do a bit of sight-seeing, then head to LA, where his little sister attends USC and do some sight seeing-there.


I visited San Francisco when I was little, but I don't remember enough to know what to ensure we do, and I've already been to San Diego (LOVE) and Santa Barbara (DOUBLE LOVE) so I want to check out LA a bit more than the stinkin' airport.

Thoughts? Ideas? Should we go somewhere else besides LA? A wine country? Ilovevino.

And how about a meetup? I'm definitely up for that!


Happy Tuesday!

(By the way, totally got out of softball last night, maybe next week?? :)


Kristin said...

SO jealous. I'm dying to visit there!

Natasha said...

I highly recommend you head up to Nappa Valley from SF, gorgeous! I love Santa Barbara, and they too have some great wine country! You're blog is so fun! I'm passing on the Versatile Blog Award and I picked your blog for my list of 15 blogs to choose. You can check out the award details over on my blog!

melissa said...

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Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

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Emily said...

Oh gosh I am trying to get out to sunny CA within the next month. I usually go to Manhattan Beach. Its not too far from LAX airport {3 miles}. I love that little area. The restaurants are great- my favorite is Petros. Santa Monica is also fun. The Promenade has lots of wonderful shops and restaurants. Check out the Hollywood Bowl if you like concerts. You can bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and just relax. And the Getty Center is worth checking out.

D said...

Soooo many places you have to go. If you need any help email me. I lived in SB for two years and in LA for the other (almost) 26 years of my life!

I agree that you should check out Nappa if you have time. Manhattan Beach is fun, too. I love Pasadena (so laid back there). Disneyland (duh), and if you want to do the whole LA thing, hollywood/sunset can be fun (if you're in to that). I can give more details if needed. Santa Monica/3rd street etc...You need to stop by a Pinkberry if you haven't had that before. X'ian has some amazing Chinese.

In SB I highly recommend the summerland beach cafe (so right outside SB on your way to LA). SO good. Very crowded but worth it, and then you can visit the antique shops afterward. Carlitos is an fantastic mexican place on upper state. SO GOOD.

Funny. You got the same comment on this blog that I got on mine. I never published it on my blog though.