So..What? I Treated Myself...

TBF: "Freck, do you really need those items?"

Me: "Yes."

So I wanted to treat myself for sticking with Insanity so well...um, and Martin + Osa was having a 50% off sale. (RIP soon M+O.)

M+O, in Silver

Heart. Be still.

Love them. SO! A girlfriend was given a Benefit cosmetic's party in mid-July (because she's a rockstar customer) for 5 of us girls where they give us makeovers, then we plan on going out on the town after we're all dolled up. Eeee!

Okay, here's where I need your help (I'm especially talking to you miss Fashion Therapist!). I can't decide what to wear this top with. I planned on cinching it with a belt, white jeans and heels.

Here are a couple of different options I thought of:

Thoughts? Obviously I'd add accessories accordingly...

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Thanks so much for your Insanity comments! I'm still trucking along strong, day 9! So is TBF and you know I'm watching him during and after the sessions like he's a newborn child to make sure he's taking it easy. Why? Click here to read about his ER visit near the end of the post.


daily mix LA said...

i love your choices! and its always good to treat yourself once in a while - if you wont, who will?? ;)

Trish said...

Oh honey, you know I am all too happy to be your shopping enabler buddy, right?! :) Heehee! I love your ensemble you've put together, red patent heels, sexy sexy!!

Come on over cutie pie, I've got a fun tag for you! Mwah! xxox

Tommy said...

Great finds. I definitely think you've earned them.

I say dark jeans and sparkly shoes (maybe even flats, if you're feeling that). It's going to be hot, most likely, so there's no need to complicate things.

You could even wear some sort of fancy hair accessory for added hotness (without the hotness, if you know what I'm sayin').

Punctuation Mark said...

you should always treat yourself for something sweet... like the pairing with the white jeans... very summery!