Weekend Recap + Softball (wtf. I know.)

This weekend was pure R & R bliss. TBF and I went down to central Illinois and stayed on Papa Freck's boat ALL weekend. Yep, slept, showered, woke up on the calm water and relaxed on the boat all weekend. It was perfect.

In case you didn't see my Twitpic's, check out who I spent a lot of time with (besides my parents and TBF).

Tonight? I have a softball game.


I know.

I was talked into it. My coworkers needed a stand in, so here I am. Could be fun?

I haven't picked up a bat since I was 13. It's not like I'm unathletic, it's just that I'm a bit nervous because it's a giant softball...men are on the team...I'm talking some in their 40s..who are competitive....yeahidontevenhaveaglove.


Hope you had a great weekend, happy Monday!

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Tommy said...

Did TBF give you any pointers for the big game? I think that's great!