The [Snooze] Limited

Okay, who's seen The Limited's new wedding collection? I have to admit, I was really excited about this. A lot of my work apparel is The Limited, they have great staple items. So when I heard they were creating a wedding collection, I was confused about why but a bit excited.

Then the day came...

click to enlarge

crickets...that's it?

2 dresses? Similar shape, A-line?

...and snooze.


So that's that. Lastly, don't forget to email me or comment below if you want the video-reveal password!

Happy Tuesday!


Janneke said...

its a bit of a splurge to call 2 dresses a bridal 'collection'... what were they thinking?
yeah, the dresses are sort of standart, nothing fancy here but some people may look for exactly that and at that price.
Still, a bit disappointing.

RAP said...

I agree. I love The Limited - pratically the only place I shop - and was excited (although already married) that they had a bridal collection. They do have a few more bridesmaids dreses but nothing that you wouldn't already expect in the stores. The dresses are cute enough but they need more of them to have a "collection." I think they're doing it b/c both Ann Taylor and J Crew have bridal collections so they're following the trend.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

So boring. I used to love the Limited - we only have one store where I live and it's been kind of sad lately, boo!

Kim said...

Definitely disappointing. I was actually in the Limited today and they had some of their "signature" collection - I guess bridesmaid dresses? they were on the sale rack for about $49 and they were all really cute - sort of reminded me of j.crew dresses. so maybe they will eventually add more wedding dresses to go with the bridesmaids dresses?

JTS said...

I agree with Kim, there are probably more on the way.

Tommy said...

Ehh...the one on the right is like a poor woman's J.Crew. The one on the left? Goodwill prom at best.