Freck's Friday Fancies LI

Hooorayyyy!! You did it, it's Friday!

So let's get into this, shall we?

I've been doing a lot of boating lately, and in light of 4th of July being next weekend, I feel it's time for some cutesey
nautical fancies.


Yes. :)

PS this might be one of my favorite FFF posts ever.

headband, Etsy

stripes, J. Crew You know you've seen this and you love it.

anchors away, forever

roped in, Anthro

duh, J. Crew

Tah-dah! See!? I just love these nautical pieces and I'd wear every. single. item.

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend! Fun things to come next week ; )


Anonymous said...

OK, that two piece is darling!

Jessica said...

Oh geez... Now I have to buy it ALL!! My wallet & husband thank you ;)

Love this post!

Trish said...

Hi sweet Freck, or should I call you my darling enabler friend, oh how I adore all your nautical goodies here, especially that precious ruffly bikini! What a wonderfully perfect post for a warm Friday! Enjoy your weekend beautiful! xoxo

Tommy said...

Awesome picks, as always, Frecktacular. Have a great weekend! (I'm still looking for my add.)

JTS said...

that dress is awesome! If only it had wider straps I'd be all over that.

Kristin said...

I am seriously in love with that headband. SO cute!

AEOT said...

Um.....buying the headband now for the 4th. Let's hope it gets here in time!

the actor's diet said...

i wish it had straps though - i'm always doing that horrible tug on strapless ones.

Shaina said...

Oh my gosh ... I LOVE that headband!!!! It is so so perfect!!!