Weekend Recap + She + Him

What a weekend! We were super busy!

Friday night TBF and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at Tango Sur, an Argentinian steakhouse in the area.

All the meat on the platter. So much, we definitely brought home a doggie bag :)

It was delish as usual, we left stuffed with yummy meats, empinadas and dessert. Perfection.

Saturday, we were all over the place.

We went to brunch with TBF's good friend and his (super adorable pregnant with twins) wife, attended one of my good girlfriend's little sister's graduation party, then went to dinner with one of our favorite couples at a restaurant in our hood, Chilam Balam. SO. Good.

Sunday, the word of the day was productivity.

I cleaned the entire apartment (felt good), did all the dishes (goodness gracious I need a dishwasher), went grocery shopping (love you Trader Joes), sent TBF on his way to film some pickup scenes, all before 2:30. I'll take it.


Today is also an exciting day. We're taking a half day at work and going to the She & Him (with Zoey DeSchanel!) concert in Millenium Park this evening with one of our favorite couples.

In order to get some decent seats on the lawn, we're going to try to get there in the late afternoon with some wine, cheese and crackers. I'm so excited!

Psst, remember to ask for the password if you want it for the video reveal THIS Thursday!

Happy Monday :)


Sassy Engineer said...

I'm so jealous - I love Zoey Deschanel! One of my besties from back home lives in Chicago now and is also going to She and Him tonight also. I want to see pictures! Oh, and I definitely want to see the vid reveal - I'm so excited. My email is sassyengineer @ gmail dot com. Have a blast tonigt!

emily said...

ahh i want to see the video reveal!!! =) & have a blast at the concert!

Tommy said...

What a great weekend!! I had one, too. Isn't it a nice feeling? I bet the concert was lots of fun. They have a neat style.

Shaina said...

Your anniversary celebration looks awesome! Mmmmmm meat. Hahaha. Also - I def want the password for your big video reveal!!! My email is slsmith118 at gmail dot com