So I've Been Tagged...

Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover tagged me in this lovely game. Thanks Trish! I rarely participate in these, but I liked this one.

So you want to know some random facts about me? Here we go!

Favorite color?

Green. Green. Green. I love green. It's calming and classic.

Favorite restaurant?

This is a toughy. Luckily TBF and I live in Chicago, where there are thousands of restaurants. We have been trying to find our favorite restaurant for quite some time, and I think for me, it's a tie between Blue 13 and Topolobampo.

Blue 13's service, atmosphere and food ROCK. Literally, the walls and servers have tattoos on them, and there is indie rock playing in the background. Please note, I'm not really that kind of girl, but I still dig it. Most importantly, the food is so so so good people. If you have a chance, please go.


Next up, Rick Bayless' Topolobampo. One word: Ceviche. This course will have me coming back over and over. I had no idea Mexican food could taste so delicious. Try it. Make reservations. Way in advance.


DIY anything. When I was looking for a job after graduation, which thankfully didn't take long, I was going to purchase used furniture off of Craigslist, spice it up and bring it back to life, then sell it for more. Random, I know, but I love it. I love jazzing up old items with some paint and fabric. It's incredible what can be made out of old items. Not convinced? Check out this blog which does a nice job displaying this.

..and boating. I love boating with my family. There's nothing better than being out on the lake with a cocktail, my family, the dog and a good magazine.

What does your room look like?

Well, my room is a 500 square foot studio. No worries though, I've mastered the layout and thoroughly enjoy the space. My "room" is my bedroom, office, living room and (insanity) gym. The main color scheme is white and black with touches of green (of course) and the style would be classified as modern. As some of you know I'm a DIY freak, so all of my projects cover the apartment, including but not limited to a painted lamp, all of my paintings, a rehabbed dresser, a shnazzy table, and this desk will be painted a glossy white during my time off between jobs.

If you could have dinner with two people, dead or alive, who would they be?

This is such a difficult question. I think I'd like to have dinner with Lady Gaga and Jenna Lyons, the head designer for J. Crew.

Lady Gaga for obvious reasons, she's wack and super interesting, and Jenna Lyons because duh.

This woman has a massive hand in carving the tasteful and classy apparel trends season after season. This is no easy task and she rocks it out every time.

What is your next big splurge?

I've been looking into the perfect weekend bag/duffle for awhile now. Since going home for weekends over the summer to go boating, I've realized my longchamp isn't quite large enough, and my small suitcase is just silly. so, I've discovered my need for one. And not just
any one, a fantastic one.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Thankfully my new job with a bigger paycheck begins soon...

What is your favorite joke, quote or saying?

Just like my about me says, "If it's not fun, you're not doing it right." I've also been digging, "I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use."

Anything else you would like known? (A random fact)

I love dogs. A lot. I have my retriever/lab at home with my parents, Wrigley, but I'm dying to get one here in Chicago. I won't for a long time though, I can't because A. I want to give him/her plenty of room to roam and my 500 square foot studio won't allow that. B. I want to be near some grass in general, I'm on the 9th floor of a building surrounded in concrete. C. I'd prefer to not be concerned about what the hell I'd do if the poor thing suddently needed to go to the vet, would I have the funds to care for it?

For now, I can still look, say "PUPPYYYYYY!!!!" like an idiot when I see one and accidentally pet every other cutie that struts by. No additional space or funds are needed for that :)

OK! Don't hate me, but now I'm passing this tag along to whoever would like to play.

YES, I'm talking to you! Yes, you! Just do it because I like learning new things about you!

Happy hump day :)


Candace said...

It's great to get to know you a little better! Thanks for sharing them! Candace

Kristen said...

OMG! You need to read my About Me on my blog. I believe it also reads 'I love dogs, A lot" or something along those lines.

Our Mango brightens every day for me.

Sassy Engineer said...

what a fun survey! Green is totally my favorite color too! I wish I had more in my house, but the hubby said one room! Oh, and dogs are the greatest too. And I'm jealous of the boating also!

Chelsa Bea said...

My longchamp is my absolute FAVORITE bag! I'd recommend it a 1000 x's over. You're going to love it.

Tommy said...

I love green as well. :) I wish I had the energy to do this little questionnaire. Whew. I'm not even doing Insanity.

Rebekah said...

this looked fun, so i definitely attempted to do it, but i'm pretty lame and don't have favorite anythings, so it ended up being super rambly, but whatever.

The idea of DIY something has been eating at me for awhile now, so I think I'm going to try out some sort of project. The before and afters on Design sponge completely amaze me every time! (you should read that blog, if you don't already).