Don't Get Any Ideas!

So I was checking out Wedzu, which I would describe as an Etsy-like, wedding-focused site - don't get any ideas - and I stumbled across this wedding genealogy chart.

Although pricey, how cool is this!?

The store, Melangerie, describes this chart as, "...great for a cocktail hour or reception, these charts fill guests in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more. Couples can customize the chart best suited to the style and environment of their wedding, and keep the diagram afterwards as a unique piece of memorabilia."

Isn't it awesome?! Everyone gets a color and you automatically know who's who! I tell ya, they think of the darndest things!

Happy Tuesday :)


"Sasha" said...

Too funny, I'm afraid I would accidentally leave someone off (that would have been my luck)

Tommy said...

Very cool, Frecks.