San Francisco :: Day I

Hooray! San Fran was a great time. Although the trip started off a little rough (i.e. food poisoning the evening before we left and having the building fire alarm go off at 3 am the next morning), the rest of the vaca was fantastic.

Here is day one of our trip :)

First stop? Hotel! We stayed at this lovely boutique hotel near Union Square. It was perfect for our needs (near Union Square, close to transit, within our price range and well, cute!).

Next stop? Food! We used TBF's Yelp app for most of the trip, and it led us here, a very yummy mom and pop joint known for their yummy coffee and divine breakfast sandwiches. I was starving after having not eaten anything since being sick the night before. This place did the trick :)

Our next stop, and perhaps my favorite stop of the entire trip, was the Ferry Building. This building, located on the bay, is full of fresh produce, beautiful flowers, lick-the-plate desserts, just-off-the-boat seafood and mouth watering meats.

TBF's turn to go giddy: this is Boccalone, where you can find the mouth watering meats I mentioned....in a cone :)

See? This was full of prosciutto, ham and other salty meats that were stored...

in here! It really was so yummy!

Oh, and did I mention it's run by one of the guys from Chef Vs. City?

Wine shop!

Fresh oyster's being shucked by this young fella.

Fresh flowers everywhere! You know I wanted to pick up those hydrangea's...

We found it! We found it! Miette! That gingerbread cupcake definitely earned it's title as The Best Gingerbread Cupcake in America!

Thanks again for the suggestion, Tommy!

Here's the last picture of the day. I was silly and didn't take pictures of Comstock Saloon, an extremely delicious and unique restaurant near Union Square. TBF particularly loved it because it had his favorite gin. This place was soo good!

Sigh...if only I could go to the Ferry Building and pick up those gorgeous flowers and a yummy cupcake every single day! All the more to look forward to on our next visit out there :)

Day 2 and 3 to come!

Happy Wednesday!


Tommy said...

YOu're most welcome, homeslice. I'm glad you found it, and I'm so jealous! :) So far this looks like a dream trip. That hotel was so great, and a farmers' market like that could definitely lure me outside, even though I'm vegetable-averse.

AEOT said...

LOVE the ferry market building! Def. one of my favorite places in SF too!

EmilyB said...

Looks like an awesome trip!!!

kLl said...

If you decide to go back let me know. After living out there I can suggest some TO. DIE. FOR. places with the best meats, cocktails, desserts, etc. Oh and PS my bro is a wine importer out there so I got that hook up too.