Freck's Friday Fancies LXIV

We interrupt this San Francisco recap with this week's Fancies! How amazing is it that it's already Friday?! Hooray! We did it :)

This week's Fancies are fun Fall touches!

We gobbled up that fruit salad so fast!!

This lovely stack of reading material welcomed me home when I got back from San Fran! What's in that brown envelope on the bottom you ask...?

Aha! Remember this? I'm still trying to find the perfect frame to put it here.

A couple more shots...I think I had too much fun with this. What can I say? I love Fall!

Pitcher : Crate and Barrel
Bowl : Pyrex
Jar : Recycled marinara sauce jar :)
Fruit, flowers and pumpkin : Trader Joe's!

Ahhh, pumpkin chai anyone?

TBF and I have a football-filled one ahead where we'll be traveling home to central Illinois to go to the U of I homecoming game on Saturday, then back up to Chicago on Sunday for the Bears vs. Redskins game!!
What are you up to this weekend?

Have a great weekend!

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Tommy said...

My weekend plans involve the couch, a campfire, and DVR. (not in that order)