A Week From Right Now...

TBF and I will be on a plane to San Francisco to cheer on his little sister who's running the marathon! While we're there, we plan on visiting...


To enjoy some of these...

This cupcake was recently acclaimed the best cupcake in America by the Food Network! You know I'm going to try it.

and maybe I'll bring home some peanut butter goodies to some lucky people.

This all came about because my good friend Tommy gave me a heads up about it. Now we're so excited to go! Thanks Tommy!!

And of course, as some of you are aware, TBF is half Chinese (yep, a handsome hybrid he is) and he introduced me to the awesomeness that is Dim Sum. So! We'll also be hitting up the streets of Chinatown for some authentic dim sum! Yum!

But wait, help! Are there any other places we should add to the list?
Shopping? Food? Jewelry? Hooray!

Happy weekend and let the countdown begin :)


sld said...

have so much fun! i love san fran. any chance you'll be able to go to wine country?

Tommy said...

Ah! SO excited for you guys! Have a blast. Good luck to TBF's sister, too. Maybe you could have a sweet treat waiting for her at the finish line? :)