Freck's Friday Fancies :: Travel Edition!

Well, I'm off San Fran tomorrow for the weekend! Having said that, I can't help but turn this week's Fancies into a travel edition :)

Overall, I'm all about layers, comfort and splurging. As long as you pack smart and are prepared, it should be a comfortable commute (fingers crossed).

Here are this week's Fancies :: My carry-on must-haves...

LongChamp - I'll be toting this trusty puppy, it fits so much in it and is super durable.

Leggings/jeggings - You want to be comfortable on the plane. These are stretchy enough for any position and you can easily slip boot that you'd rather not pack over these.

Boots - If you want to bring them on the trip, wear the boots on the plane.

Comfy flats - Take those boots off, get those Uggs slippers out of your tote and settle in for a comfy flight.

Head phones - I know, obviously! Movie/music time.

Snacks - And get the delish stuff with chocolate and nuts. After all, you're vacationing aren't you?! Find this recipe here.

Dry shampoo - You'll likely need this after the flight. At least I know I normally do.

A bottle of water - Pick it up as soon as you pass security. Stay hydrated, you will need it.

Lotion - Under 3.2 oz of course! Try to get some face lotion as well, you'll likely need this for your face and hands.

Chick Mags - This is what TBF likes to refer to as my ideal reading material on the flight. I prefer InStyle because and meaty and USWeekly hello? It's the best celeb gossip mag.

Pashmina - My number one travel must have. This doubles as a stylish scarf, blanket or pillow when you get chilly on the plane.

And that's that! Did I miss anything?!

I'm so thrilled to jet off tomorrow morning. Again, please let me know if you've been to San Fran and/or if we should hit specific spots!

Have an amazing weekend :)


Lindsay said...

You got all my must haves! Although I ususually bring a book too along with my magazines. If I'm short on space I'll throw a pair of slipper socks in rather than my ugg slippers. Have a great trip!!

City Girl Chicago said...

I love this little travel list, it is spot on for any chic traveling lady :)

Have so much fun in San Fran ~ It has been a couple years since I went, but I remember this delicious restaurant named Scoma's was an unexpected discovery and gem! It is right on the water on Fisherman's Wharf, and if you like fresh seafood it can't be beat.

Enjoy your time!

Princess Freckles said...

Great list. I completely agree on all items, especially the mags! I always pack a great book for the bech, but for some reason I must buy a magazine or two before boarding the plane for my flight. It's my ritual.

Have a fantastic trip! I've never been, but have heard great things about Slanted Door restaurant.

Fashion Therapist said...

Fabulous list! I agree with you 100% on everything you have on here.

Tommy said...

Love it. I hope you had an excellent trip.