Freck's Friday Fancies LXII

The fall essential. Sweaters.

Not just any kind of sweaters, zesty sweaters. Yep, zesty sweaters.

Not boring ones. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love the classics. My entire closet is full of classics, but lately I've been wearing (and jones'n) for the the zestier ones.

Meet this week's fancies...

I still love this one.

Soft zest.

Cable zest.

Obsessed with this zest. Apparently Rachel Zoe is, too.

Hidden zest.

Cotton zest.

Cozy zest.

Puffy zest.

You feelin' the zest?

PS do you remember dusters? Those really long sweaters that almost reached the floor? I want to say this trend was circa Fall 2001. I totally rocked a gray one and a black one.

Anywho, these zesty sweaters are perfect for layering over a tank and jeggings with boots. Jes?

Happy Friday!


Pink in a sea of blue said...

I love the first two best! I am so ready to wear my new sweaters, too! It's still too warm down south though.

Shaina said...

omg these sweaters are amaaaaazing!!

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh how I love all of these!!! Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

Princess Freckles said...

I totally remember dusters! My sister and I both had one in high school, and we'd always trade.

I have a sweater obsession too, and I can't seem to kick it! Good thing a nice sweater lasts years and years.

Chelsa Bea said...

Oh, I own the pink one from BR except for in Orange. Glad to know there's a little bit of zest in my wardrobe, I thought it was so boring before :)

ms. mindless said...

i have the first sweater (the one from victoria's secret) and it is not as "wrappable" as you would think. i still love it, but there are only 2 ways that you can really wear it! i love that ballet pink color though.