Holy Mackerel!!!

I have 1,000 views!!! 

Hooray! That makes me feel pret-ty darn good my fellow followers. Thanks for following :)

I know some of you have been bloggy wogging for awhile, but this gal started at the end of last year so I feel this is a bit of a landmark for me. So awesome :) 

So anyway...

As some of you know, I love The Superficial..it's kind of a guilty pleasure. However today when I saw this entire ode entitled The Superficial: Wait, WTF is That? I couldn't help but feel bad for everyone they pointed out! Take a look for yourself. 

Bad Superficial! Don't make fun of these gals who can't help it if they have some physical flaws! Boo!

TR and I are hangin out and watched The Muffin video...always a stupid, but funny video to watch :)

Ok...a Really stupid video...but you laughed at least once, didn't you?

TR and I went to Anthropologie today, we both agreed that it's SUCH a relaxing store. She found a great black dress that was for sale. I loved all of the new dresses...

I want a DIY project where I can use these knobs...

Tomorrow's hump day!!!! YAYYY!!!


Island Girl said...

Woohoo! 1000 views!!! Congrats!

Both of those dresses are so cute!

CTB said...

I LOVE the Superficial too. Congrats on the 1000!

Jenn said...

yay! cute landmark :)

also saw that article on the superficial today. i dont feel bad that they showed paris hilton with a cold sore (herpes). you know she's got WAY worse than that going on. they were being kind! :)

Katie said...

congrats! and I'm totally going to check out superficial now!