Cake Decorating

How awesome would it be to be a cake decorator? In another life, I must have been a cake decorator or a painter. I think the coolest part of having a cake worthy event would be picking out the cake. There are some awesome ones out there!

I really admire all the people who are cake decorators. You're doing something you love. Do you think there are any CD (yep, abbreviated cake decorators) out there who have a degree from a business school and decided to change their career? Jeez, I'd love to do that. I may gain 20893 pounds, but hey I'd be working when I actually want to and I'd have time to go work out and burn off all those calories from the delicious icing. 

I'm addicted to the Food Network's Ace of Cakes and all of the cake Challenges. This weekend there was a marathon of Disney cake Challenges and I couldn't unglue my tooshy from the couch. It was awesome.

How sweet are all of these?

Wrigley Field

I love sushi :)

Old school Nintendo.

Love shoes :)

So cool!

Mmmmmm Oreos :)

Who doesn't love Starbucks?

So realistic!

Love musicals.

So realistic!

Does anyone know of any cooking classes in Chicago? I'd love to do anything from sip some wine and watch someone decorate a cake right in front of me to getting up there myself and attempting to decorate and assemble a cool cake.

Happy hump day!


Lisa said...

Have you looked into the Chopping Block? I don't know about cake classes, but they definitely have cupcake classes.

And speaking of, have you been to The Bleeding Heart Bakery on Belmont? They have some phenomenally good cakes and cupcakes and I know they've been featured on those Food Network shoes quite a few times!

Ashley said...

It's funny that you said that! I am the EXACT same way.. and you know what my inspiration for a fun career is? our cake baker worked in the finance dept of a hospital for 15 years before decided to start baking wedding cakes!

Sweet Bea said...

The Crayola cake is AMAZING!

Lindsay said...

Haha I agree 100%! I am obsessed with Ace of Cakes too, and watch all the cake design challenges!

Milltini said...

If I was a cake decorator, I fear I would eat all the cake...

Nani said...

Hello B-Day twin!!!! I'm so excited about B-daye being on a Saturday :)

Ace of cakes, I love. I want top work for him :)