What a Fricken Weekend...

This weekend was pretty eventful...unfortunately I didn't get ANY studying done, BAD Freck. It's ok, had a great weekend :)

Friday after classes that I can't believe I made it to since I had a long night on Thursday, I went up to Evanston to surprise TBF and we (aka he) made din din that evening; a delish pasta and some bruschetta. The night ended with Milk and Baby Mama with TR and TBF. Good times.

Baby Mama = funny but could have been better. Tina Fey rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but she was pretty good in this movie. I always love Amy Poehler.

Milk = heavy movie but excellent. 

TR, TBF and I woke up Saturday morning, made nummy pancakes, went on a little walk because it was b-e-a-utiful out, went to Vines (a local restaurant with a sweet outdoor patio which was perfect since the weather was so fantastic), and then went to a frat event. Another fun night out. 

Now, I'm sitting with TR watching a movie after a long day with TBF in the burbs and frat festivities. 

I can't believe the weekend is over. Time to get in school mode. 

Haha, sweet Lisa Frank trapper keeper!! Those were the days...

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Katie said...

I had that trapper keeper!

Ashley said...

i thought the same thing about baby mama! and i'm pretty sure i had a pencil case and pencils like the binder.. i used to be *obsessed* with dolphins back in the day lol.

pocket full of pink said...

How awesome to see that Lisa Frank trapper keeper!! Brings me back. :o)