Weekend Recap

So this weekend FLEW by! The wedding was an absolute blast, but unfortunately downtown Columbus, Ohio itself is totally not. I apologize if anyone is from Columbus, I don’t mean to offend you, I’m just saying..it was prĂȘt-ty boring…(especially on Sundays when absolutely nothing was open).

Also, we stayed at a hotel that was across the street from the capital building where an extremist Tea Party just happened to be occurring. Now, I’m more on the conservative side and I was a bit offended by some of the images they were showing of dead fetuses that were intended to support pro life (yes, I'm pro life as well) and I was a little scared walking past this Tea Party with TBF. As some of you know, TBF is half Chinese, therefore we were getting a lot of strange looks (blonde, white girl walking around with a Chinese, 6 foot male), and even some points and glares, most likely toward the Chinese male who was walking past a predominantly white rally. Needless to say I was a little nervous for our safety so we hurried in and out of Subway (after TBF was told about how our country needs nuclear power by a random woman and after I was asked by an interesting gal for $5 because she was "going into labor"…liar). Lots of different emotions were evoked during that half hour walk to and from Subway past the Tea Party, including, but not limited to, curiosity, humor, fear, confusion, sadness and anxiety. Yikes.

Click on this link if you'd like to see the truck that we saw with a disturbing image of a dead fetus on the front. I googled this image, it doesn't come from my blog or anyone else that I know.

I must note, I know this doesn’t make up the entire community of downtown Columbus, we just happened to be visiting on a particular weekend that didn’t agree with us.

Sooooo yeah, I won't be going back to Columbus, Ohio for awhile..

Anyway, because this weekend was full of traveling and not a lot of relaxing, I have a feeling I’m going to be laying pretty low this week.

The most exciting thing I may do all week is buy a microwave from Best Buy with a gift certificate that is 3 years old, not even kidding (Thanks dad!). TBF found it during my move..score.

So to make this post a bit more light-hearted, here are some saweeeet microwaves!

I believe I’m going to settle on this one, though.

Also, congrats to Melissa who won The Next Food Network Star!! I love her!

Hope everyone's having a lovely week!


CTB said...

What a crazy weekend! And even crazier microwaves.

Katie said...

Wow! Gotta love/fear protests like that.

Children of the 90s said...

That smore maker is too fun! And I remember a similar protest going on when I first went to visit colleges. I know their intent is to be disturbing and catch your attention, but I found it really inappropriate.

Milltini said...

Mmmm smores. Glad you had a good weekend!

SweetThings said...

It looks like that gadget is trying to resuscitate the smores - its hilarious!

Jenn said...

i'll be in columbus visiting some friends in october. i went to columbus back when i was in college (i went to college in ohio) but i was so drunk i barely remember it. :)

also - LOVE melissa. so glad she won! jeffrey would have scared me. too intense. and "ingredient smuggler"??? that was a very poor idea for a show name.

Gwen said...

I love the Smore maker thing!!! So fabulous!!! XOXO