Fender Bender This Morning

My cute post will have to wait, because guess what happened to TBF and I this morning... Guess.


We were stopped at a RED light and a girl comes rolling up in her ride and side swipes the crap out of my car. It sounded as if the entire left side of my car was going to fly off.

*Cue mass amounts of profanities by Freck here*

She then puts the car in reverse and rolls the car back (SCRAPING my car even more), TAKES OUT HER IPOD EAR BUDS (YES, she was wearing her effing ipod while driving) and rolls down the window to ask if we’re okay. YES, we are okay, but BERNIE (my car) is painfully wounded.

*Cue more profanities here*
TBF was totally calm and patient, he may have been shaken up because his side was the one that was scraped. I’m usually not a profanity yeller, but this was a special case where it was necessary. Side note – did anyone read in cosmo how it’s actually better to scream and let it all out when you’re upset?

Anyway back to the story…

We get into a parking lot where she gets out and kind of says “sorry.” I ask her for her insurance information, she looks confused and she calls her father and hands me the phone. Daddy car scraper sternly says to me “what happened” (as if TBF and I did something wrong when we were sitting stationary at a red light) and I tell him that his daughter side swiped my car (no, she didn’t tell her dad what happened, she had me do it). He sternly tells me to hand the phone back to his daughter.

After we get everything straightened out with our insurance info, the father asks the daughter to put me back on the phone. What the eff did he want now you ask? Oh, well let me tell you, he asked me to call them when/if I take my car in to get fixed, which I politely responded, yes I will call you. He then asks me AGAIN and more sternly to call them. Yes asshole, I will call you when/if I take my car in to get fixed. Do I really need to call him? Is this something most people do? He was rude, shouldn't he be apologetic? Grr..

Take that! ..No, not really, I'm just frustrated. :(

The rest is annoying and boring details.

I’m really glad it was just a side swipe and that we’re all okay. Thank goodness.

Ahhh, good morning and happy hump day everyone :)


Shaina said...

OMG! She was listening to her ipod while driving??! I hope you told her dad. :) What a hooker!

Here in Bloomington, when all the students started moving back in, my friend's husband was driving through a parking lot and got hit by TWO girls in TWO different cars who were both backing up out of their spots. BOTH burst into tears and made him talk on the phone to their dads. Love it.

CTB said...

UGHHHHHHHHHHH! How frustrating!

p.s. I totally know what cosmo article you are talking about. haha

Children of the 90s said...

Oh NO! I'm glad you're okay, but that totally sucks. Especially the backing up and scraping you up more. Some people!

Savvy Gal said...

oh no. once a woman ran into back of the car and she had the nerve to tell me to hurry up b/c she was late for an appt..... all sort of words almost came out while i gave the the dirtiest look.

SassyEngineer said...

Ugh, that is such a bummer! I got rear-ended once (hard) and the kid tried to say his breaks went out which was a total lie. It was raining and he wasn't paying attention and totally plowed into me! He hit me so hard that it total my hunk of metal jeep. People can be so frustrating.

Katie said...

That sucks! I'm glad you are okay though.

Tommy said...

I am glad everyone is fine, health-wise, but my gosh. Can we say 'pass the buck'?! That girl needs to grow up and take out the damn earbuds. I'd put that in the police report, by the way.

No, you should not call anyone except your insurance company. (Hehe...which you probably already did. I need to calm down. Sympathy anger and whatnot.) Good luck, Bernie!

kLl said...

I would love to know what the cops said (I'm just assuming you called to file a report) when you told them she was wearing her ear phones considering I'm 99.9% sure it is illegal (at least in TN it is, comes under that whole part about how it keeps you from hearing what it going on around you common sense part). Did you at least tell her dad that she had them in?

Jenn said...

omg - i hope you called the cops & filed a police report! the fact that she was driving with ear buds in is super against the law!!

secondly - you are under no obligation to call her father again. your insurance companies should be the ones hashing it out. he probably just wants to tell you that the quote you got on your car is "too high" or something. you definiteley don't have to call him back & if i were you - I wouldn't.