Weekend Recap + Emmys

It's overcast and super chilly in the business district today! I cannot seem to get into work mode. Could either be because I haven't been in the office for a week or because TBF came downtown to have lunch with me since he has today off from work. Either way, I think I have a lonnngg week ahead of me!

I had a very nice weekend (once I started feeling better) with TBF and his family. Saturday night, he and I went to din din and then saw Love Happens with Aaron Eckart and Jennifer Aniston and it was awesome! It's not how the trailer portrays it...that's all I'll say...

Sunday was spent with TBF's fam watching the REDSKINS and BEARS win!

Did anyone watch the Emmy's last night? *Random fun fact - TBF's dad has won an Emmy!* I caught bits and pieces of it as I was cooking dinner, but I must say, I didn't like Blake Lively's dress on her,

I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt looked darling,

I thought the tribute to those who have passed away this year at the end with Sarah McLachlan was great and I was waiting on a Taylor Swift/Kanye/Beyonce spoof...was anyone else?

Happy Monday!


Jenn said...

i think JLH looked adorable too - she's so tiny! and blake lively needs to stop prancing around like a high-priced hooker and dress her age. she always looks cheap to me - i despise her!

Katie said...

I really loved Tina Fey's dress (although I think I'm alone on that)! I absolutely agree about the weather today!

Tommy said...

Hey! I love Blake Lively and think she's gorgeous, but I agree with you here. The cleavage, the ponytail, the slit? Eek. I wish she would have gone classier. Were was the costume designer from GG?!

Also good point on the In Memoriam tribute. It brought chills.

I hope your week is tolerable. :)