Freck's Flower Arrangment DIY..sorta

Sooo, I didn't get all the pictures loaded of my little DIY projects over the weekend, so the detailed post will have to be moved back to tomorrow or later in the week. Luckily, I have one picture of my DIY flower arrangement. I'm bummed I didn't take pictures of all of my steps while arranging, but hey I'll do my best and explain what I did anyway.

1. Purchase flowers of choice, I bought way too many than I actually needed. I realized less is more!
2. Figure out what you'd like for the base part of the vase to be. (Rocks, leaves, marbles, sand)
3. Figure out how tall/wide you'd like for your arrangement to be. (Tall and thin? Short and wide?)

My apologies about the blurry picture, it was taken with a crackberry!

So here is the finished products. I opted for a short and round shape and stuffed the bottom of the vase with wine corks and leaves. I thought they needed a teensy bit of height so I stacked up some of my favorite books to make the flowers a little taller.

If you'd like a close up of them, I can definitely post some pics! Just let me know! :)

Going along with home and product design...

One of my favorite sites has a book coming out!!!!! I will be one of the first to purchase, you can bet on that!

"Design*Sponge is a daily website dedicated to home and product design"..and I love it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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kLl said...

I love the wine corks! My dad's girlfriend was doing an arrangement with sunflowers and they wouldn't stay up so she stuffed it with corks.