Yes, I'm finally posting my rehabbed dresser.

YES! Finally! So below is the before picture of TBF's old dresser. Kind of blah, has a decal of one of his favorite bands from college on it.

And here is the after!

Ok, it's not that great of a picture...

I gave it two good coats of black spray paint and painted the knobs a greenish-pearl color with some bumpy texture. I should have taken a closer picture of the knobs..woops!

Onto the close up of the flower arrangement...

The vase is stuffed with wine corks and leaves to keep the arrangement in place and stacked on some of my favorite books. :)

Here's another picture of a smaller arrangement in my dressing room/walk in closet next to my vanity mirror, favorite perfume, Lanvin (I love love love it and it can be found at Nordies), little Terracotta warrior that I got in Xi'an China, favorite article at the moment (something about how to love your job and get ahead) and some Juicy Couture post-its (which was a gift, I'd never purchase JC post-its...).

Enjoy, It's almost Friday!!!

*By the way, thank you all for your nice comments yesterday! I was totally on auto-pilot all day because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Some of you asked if I filed a police report and if I told the dad that his daughter was wearing her ipod while driving. I didn't file a report because the accident wasn't big enough and I really just wanted to get on the road to work, and I didn't tell the dad about his daughter wearing her ipod because honestly I was so flustered that I forgot, and plus he was so mean that I didn't even want to know what he would have done to his daughter!

Thanks again :) !!*


KAG said...

love that flower arrangement - are those silk flowers?! and love the corks in the vase - so so cute! xoxo KAG

Katie said...

The dresser looks fantastic!

Beth Dunn said...

You R so talented. Love anything blue-great job xo

Jenn said...

LOVE the dresser - you are so crafty!!

CTB said...

Oh, the dresser looks great! Love the two colors together.