Freck's Friday Fancies XVII

It's Friday.

Holy toledo this makes me so happy.

It's been the longest week of my life, so I'm happy to present this week's fancies.

These tights. They're so cute!!

M+0, $10

Did anyone watch Conan last night? If you did, you'd probably fancy this item, too. A baby lion. I really want a baby lion, one that doesn't grow up (of course). It was HUGE and kind of like a golden retriever, but a feline golden retriever with massive paws. So cute and so fun!

See what I mean? Feline golden retreiver.

Beyonce at the VMAs this year. Apologies about the quality, this was the only one I could find that I could embed!

These curtains are adorable!

You've probably seen this chair everywhere, but I can't help myself, I must post it too.


Must have apps for the blackberry! This is huge because it's for a BLACKBERRY, NOT an IPHONE. Hooray!

These look refreshing, easy and delicious...

Recipe found here!

Hello fancy tie back that I'd like to have..

TGIF and have a great weekend!

**I almost forgot! AND I'm fancying Flash Forward! Yeah it's a little dramatic but I'm digging it so far!**

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Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds so yummy. I will be giving it a try soon!