Adventures as a newly brunette!

Holy toledo.

This Freck who was pretty close to platinum blonde is now a brunette. Picture Reese Witherspoon as a blonde going to brunette (which can be seen in my Monday post). Yes, like that.


I’ve never had a drastic change like this before, and I.love.it. Not only is it hilarious seeing people’s reactions (because they don’t recognize me at first), but I seriously just love it.

To those of you who have made this kind of transformation before, you know how fun it is to put on makeup and see how it looks different – even my clothes look different! It’s nuts. I think I’m going to invest in some deeper colored sweaters, cardis, eye makeup (olives and plums) and even play around with some lipstick…maybe test out some items like this…

Yes, as you can see my love/hate relationship with J. Crew has transformed back to love…I just can’t stay away..

I've always wanted to sport some of this, I think I will now... MAC, $14

I'm really looking forward to less maintenance. All of you fake blondes out there listen up, it's not that scary. I've faked it since I was about 14 (and I'll probably fake it again in the future) and I (for now) am in love with being a brunette.

I may post some pictures of the back of my head later in the week to give you a better idea of the transformation :)

Yay! Happy Hump Day!!


Jenn said...

yay!! being a brunette costs so much less too - not as many touch-up's! :) I was so glad when I finally took the plunge and I'm glad you like it so far!!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to the dark side! I have been honey brown my entire life, but went dark brown a few weeks ago. It was hilarious to see peoples reactions! The makeup is so much fun too! I so happy you like it. Enjoy the world of color you have to choose from now!

Emily said...

I have always been dark brown, almost black. I use to highlight but I got tired of the maintenance so I went back to my natural color. I can't imagine the shock that people would have if I went lighter. That said, it would be pretty amusing to see their reactions. Can't wait to see pictures!

Katie said...

I'm glad you're loving the new look! So exciting!

EmilyB said...

What a fun change! I've been highlighting my hair for like 10 years, and I'm kind of over the maintenance....but I don't think I'm brave enough to go au naturale just yet. Glad you're liking your new color!!