Up! + Skin Frustration + Christmas Morning Fashion

Warning: this post is so random and all over the place. Too much coffee, yes?

Last night TBF and I grabbed some Mexican food and margs and then watched UP. It was really good but at times so heart breaking! Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts about it?

Flash Forward is on tonight people! I’m excited for another episode of blackouts and adventure, it’s going to be a crazy night in the Freck apartment.

I’ve been really good about getting long work outs in. It really helps having TBF there (and he gets to the gym later than I do after work), I stay on the treadmill so much longer and even get some weight lifting in.
Because the gym I go to has TV’s on all of the treadmills, I usually watch TMZ from 5:30ish-6, E! News with ol’ Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Ranscic (sp?!) until 6:30ish and then sometimes I catch a little bit of the Daily 10 (with I have no clue who, some guy with dreads and another teeny tiny brunette in a dress).Watching TV really makes the time go by faster!

HOWEVER, my skin is seriously struggling with this weather change, working out and having my pores be open and going out in the cold. It's either dry or breaking out...I can't find a balance!

Here's an extremely random question. On Christmas morning or whatever your day of gift giving is, do you get up and get dolled up before opening gifts/having brunch/whatever tradition you have? I don’t think I ever have, ever. I’m almost positive I’m always still in pj’s or I throw on some jeans, a hoodie, put some powder in my hair and start chillin’ with the fam.

This is an example from LandsEnd…

Know what I’m sayin’? Ideally I’d love to look like this, but it really never happens. I may strive to this year…


probably NSFW below...

I had to share this because it appeared when I Bing’ed (Bung?) Christmas morning fashion!

But really, does anyone put themselves together to the T unless they go to church that morning??

Side note – can we talk about how beautiful Heidi looks here?!

Go Ann Taylor!

Alright, back to work. It’s almost Friday!

For those of you who made it to the bottom without major frustration with how all over the place this post is, I congratulate you :)


Kristin said...

That's just what I wore last Christmas morning! Ah ha ha. That sweater is adorable. I'm such a sucker for argyle.

Children of the 90s said...

Up made me cry for sure...I was in the theater and very thankful to hide behind my 3D glasses! My friend just told me she started watching it and couldn't get through it because the beginning was so sad, but I thought the movie was really sweet and funny once you got past the initial sad parts.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that post was a little ADD! Whatev.

I grew up waking up and dragging my comforter to the Christmas tree for present as is. Husband grew up showering and getting dressed before presents. Its are topic of debate in our house as to which way it will be when we have kids... (but I think I'll end up winning in the end and if I don't you'll see me dressed like an 'Angel' under the tree!)

CTB said...

I generally look like a troll on Christmas morning! haha It would be nice to look cute though for once. Maybe that should be our goal for '09.

I haven't seen Up yet. I'll have to rent it. I hate when kid's movies make me cry (like Toy Story 2 - no judging!). So sad!

This weather is killer on the skin. I just stock up on super moisturizing lotion and keep a humidifier on in my room at night. Good luck!

AEOT said...

I'm hoping to see UP soon. I've heard great things.

We always woke up on Christmas, opened presents in Jammies and then got dressed to drive to my grandmothers house for a huge family dinner. No one really dresses up to the extent that my husband's family does (skirts, etc) but everyone looks festive and nice. Lots of cords and cute sweaters.

That Land's End look is perfect- can you make it in maternity please??

Gwen said...

We loved UP!!! I think it might just be in someone's stocking on Christmas morning. We started a tradition with Ellie when she was born that on Christmas Eve we all put on new pajamas. That way we don't look mismatched and weird in pictures. I even take the time out to fix my hair. LOL!!!

Jenn said...

my brain loved your post because it works like my brain does - totally random.

haven't seen up - will have to do that.

and what do you mean? you don't dress like that on christmas morning? miranda kerr and i clearly have the same taste in xmas lingerie. (totally joking.)

Tommy said...

I want to see Up!, and I never get dressed to open Christmas presents at home in the morning. People is argyle is a fantasy and nothing more, I hate to say. It's very Martha Stewart. My house was more like Roseanne. :)

And have you switched your skincare regimen for the winter? We can talk.

Southern Web Girl said...

I watched Up last week too, and I was bawling for about half the movie, whenever Doug wasn't making me laugh. I was sort of prepared for it though, but the whole "building a life together, then being on your own when your spouse passes away" thing reallllly got me. It's something that me and hubby talk about, he's convinced that I will be on my own for a long time after he passes.