Gobble Gobble!!

It's here! The day before Thanksgiving! We get to eat turkey (or tofurkey for our vegetarians) with our loved ones tomorrow, I'm so excited.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've been browsing some decor and accessories on the fancy world wide web and here are some of the lovely items that I found:

I wonder if anyone would try to eat this crocheted pumpkin pie? Etsy, $10

Bobby pins, so cute! Etsy, only $5!!

DWTS is officially over. Donny took the title and Kelly placed third. Sigh.

Tonight I will (hopefully) get a work out in, pack, make a Lady Gaga mix some mixed cds for the road and complete the only task that mama Freck gave me for Thanksgiving. What's that task you ask? Why! Get the wine for our meal of course! Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Jenn said...

oh you have the best job - the wine! :) i'm not very good with wine (despite my husband's job) but you can never really go wrong with yellow tail wines. i always like those!

CTB said...

That crocheted pumpkin pie is cracking me up! Maybe that can be your next project after the giveaway scarf. Is knitting and crocheting the same thing?

Have a safe trip! Gaga will make the time fly by! Is her new/old cd out yet? That woman can do no wrong! I have had Bad Romance stuck in my head all week.

Tommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and fun trip!