Weekend Recap + Hair Did

What a great weekend.

Friday TBF and I had a nice anniversary dinner at a yummy restaurant near my place and ended the night pretty early since we were both still a wee bit under the weather.

Saturday, we were out and about around the ‘hood because it was absolutely beautiful in the city. I’m talking summer/spring weather, so wonderful. I had a hey day at a jewelry boutique near me and walked out a with an awesome yellow, floral, ribbon statement necklace that I’ll have to share soon.

That evening I had drinks with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen in so long so it was awesome catching up with her, and later I went to a birthday party for a friend and enjoyed a Lady Gaga dance party. Mucho fun.

Sunday was spent nursing a hangover, not drinking all week and being sick apparently means if you drink at all you get a hangover. Or maybe I’m just getting older. Or both.

TBF joined the gym (finally :) ) and my workouts have gone from eh, decent.. to wow I didn’t know I could be on a treadmill or lift for that long. He’s off to a great start! It’s so nice having him there with me because I am in no rush to leave and we encourage each other to stay longer. I’m really feeling it today though, my appetite is strong and my bum is super sore from lunges. Feels good!

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair did. I’m pretty nervous about it because I’m going to get some lowlights. My hair is pretty darn blonde and I haven’t darkened my hair in any way since my freshman year of college. My hair is naturally dark, but because I’m so pale, I feel like I look much better as a blonde. We’ll see though, I’m in the mood for a change. I'm not sure how dark I'll be going, but if the transformation is anything like these ladies, I'll be good to go!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jenn said...

a lady gaga dance party?? sounds FABULOUS! :)

and dark hair will look great. i was always scared to go dark (i faked blonde for a LONG time), but I'm so glad that I finally did!

Anonymous said...

I love drastic hair changes. This time of year is great to go darker too!

Children of the 90s said...

Fall is definitely the time to go darker, though I'm pretty much a blonde addict. Good luck! I'm sure it'll turn out great!

Katie said...

New hair is always exciting! Glad you had a great weekend!

Tommy said...

Oh, now. Dark hair and pale skin are a wonderful combination!! See also: Sela Ward, that girl from Twilight that everyone's so gaga over, and me!

Tah dah.