Freck's Friday Fancies XXIII

So I'm feeling a little better, better enough to work from home and stare at a computer screen without wanting to rip my eyeballs out :) Hooray for that!

The holidays are right around the corner people! Which means Freck is planning out what to purchase for her loved ones, and more importantly how I'll plan out my finances so I can purchase gifts for my loved ones....

Usually I need some inspiration to get the creative gift giving juices flowing. You know what I mean, we want to get something for our loved ones that isn't a boring gift card or a DIY clay pot you made junior year of college (yes, I'm guilty of it and you're welcome mom).

In the latest InStyle, some great sites are listed that gave me great ideas for gifts!

They are:

clio-home.com, a great vase for grandma or mom?

giftgenius.com, a custom portrait for your sister or bff? I love love love this idea!

This site is great because you can choose the recipient (bridesmaid, brother, zodiac type, etc.)!
How about some functional fashion found at cambriacove.com for Aunt Suzie's stellar purses? OR, for the monogram obsessed, check out monogrammit.com where they will monogram what seems like almost anything!

Another favorite, delight.com, where these sweet bowls are...

Can't forget about dad with this
grill set!

Does anyone else think that dads are difficult to purchase things for? Maybe it's just my dad... Can't forget about your brother (or TBF) who may be brushing up on his cooking skills! Maybe that extra bit of glam from vivre.com for your prego sister in law :)

Who will also probably need this beast (that looks like a space ship in your kitchen) when the little one comes for extra energy...

Hope these gifts have given you a little inspiration for your fam and friends for this holiday season!

Have a great weekend, happy shopping!


Jenn said...

i seriously love christmas gifts. so many people have had great ideas lately.

i LOVE that custom drawing idea!!

Katie said...

Love the gift ideas!

Tommy said...

You're back AND bearing gifts?! Wow. Right on, Freck.