Freck's Friday Fancies XXV

Ahhh, another Friday is here. The Friday before Thanksgiving! I promise this post will be easier to follow than yesterday's:)

This week, I've been fancying Martin and Osa, a brand some of you know I adore. For those of you who haven't heard of M+O, they're the more sophisticated brand of the American Eagle company.

...and no my fancying doesn't have to do with how their outerwear is up to 50% off this week!

Onto the fancies! I'm going to need some skinny/slim jeans that I can tuck in to my new boots (that I'm sure you are all sick of hearing about), I think these jeans will do the trick...


This cardi might be a nice item to sport on Christmas morning ;)


This looks like it'd be nice and comfy over leggings

$99.50 I keep eyeing this little guy...


Now $110

I know I know, kind of plain Jane, but I need a brown belt... $29.75

I've become a big fan of shawls because they're bigger than a normal scarf and can double as a blanket when you're traveling!


TBF TAKE NOTE! I really want some yellow, leather gloves (they don't have to be these though!) :)


TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!


CTB said...

Another fabulous installment!

Can I borrow the yellow gloves, shawl, and brown belt please?

Gwen said...

I love the yellow gloves!!! FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar to JCrew, I love it!

Kristin said...

I don't know why I've never ordered anything from there. They really do have some fabulous pieces. Love those skinnies!

Tommy said...

I've only heard/read the name, but they have some cool stuff. Good luck on the hunt this weekend!

(Hey TBF!)

Jenn said...

hopefully your boyfriend reads this site so he knows what to get you for christmas! :)

wearingmascara said...

I've never shopped there but they have such cute stuff! Maybe I need to start... :-)