Rain, Lucky Mag & Fall Trends

It's raining again in the windy city.

Not cute.

Do any of you have any cute ways of traveling to work in the morning when its disgustingly rainy outside? I swear, there really is no cute way. I have my rain boots, but I no longer think they're cute, on me at least. We're in that awkward period where no one knows whether it's cool or not to wear fall clothes or summer clothes. After Labor Day weekend is it safe to say I can whip out my fall attire? Pretty please? The random Chicago weather will probably be the ultimate deciding factor.

Maybe I'm getting the major itch for fall clothes because I read Lucky's September issue last night and fell in love with 3/4 of the clothes in it. Has anyone read it yet? I'm usually not a fan because A. it's a pricey mag, and B. it's full of ads and expensive clothes I'd never purchase. However it was a great piece of closet revamp/shopping inspiration.

Big trends this fall...

  • -multi-use scarves (scarf, blanket)
  • -ruffles (on everything)
  • -deep purples
  • -big belts to cinch the waist
  • -platform booties -pencil skirts
  • -over-the-knee boots (doubt my athletic legs will partake in that one)

...I'm sure I'm missing some.. help!

Happy Thursday!


Katie said...

in total agreement, the weather sucks today, i got soaked walking to my car from a job interview. makes me want soup.

Jenn said...

i'm so glad ruffles are staying "in" for awhile. i adore them! and about your last post - dreaming about lady gaga is hilarious!!!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Do you remember when Lucky first started & it was SOMEWHAT affordable? I miss that. I can't wait for the fall wardrobe - totally bust it out, Chicago is perfecto for that! It'll still be too hot & humid in NE, boo hoo.

Rain is tricky, too. I say car service. Door to door. That's the best way to get anywhere in rain, ha!